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 About SJB 

About SJB:

The principal, Steve Baumhart, began his career in the futures industry as a floor runner at both the CME and CBOT in 1986. His career has seen him rise to Vice President of a local trading firm to becoming a broker and eventually an IIB (Independent Introducing Broker). He believes in a saying one of his former co-horts used to say,"Plan your work, Work your Plan." We have multiple clearing arrangements with multiple trading platforms so we can find one to fit your needs.

He has dealt with a wide range of accounts from the individual/retail discount investor to commodity funds and everything in between including CTA's, corporate accounts and professional traders. 

The other broker at SJB is Michael Cohen, He has been involved in the Futures industry since the late 1970's and some of his experience includes being a floor trader as well as a broker  and likes to work with traders that understands that trading must be done with Risk Capital, make their own trading decisions but may want to discuss the pros and cons of the risks vs. the rewards of a trade which he can draw on from his years of experience.  One thing he says to remember is "THE MARKET IS ALWAYS RIGHT".       

All our brokers have at least 30 years experience in the futures industry.  Check us out and see how we can help you succeed. 

Check our history out on the NFA website at this link:

SJB ID under BASIC is :0380318
Steve Baumharts ID is: 0240796
Michael Cohens ID is : 0079374


    Futures and Futures options trading carries a high level of risk where it is possible to lose all and more than your initial investment and is not suitable for everybody.

    *Please read user agreement and disclaimer before proceeding

    SJB Futures, LLC
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    Chicago, IL. 60618
    Local: 773-588-8254
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